Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 health resolution: Go to an Osteopath!

When I was back in Greece and working for the media sector, I was at one point specialized to write and report for alternative medicine and therapies. I was also keen to find new super foods, the next big effective diet and therapy or technique, anything new, interesting and different.  So for example I knew about the Alexander technique (great therapy for dancers and people with problem with their posture), but for one reason i never came across osteopathy, although it is not a new therapy since it was founded in the late 1800s by physician and surgeon Andrew Taylor from Missouri, USA. I knew physiotherapy and the work of a chiropractor, but osteopathy was never one of those techniques and therapies that fallen under my attention. Not until I moved to the Netherlands. And funny enough the first encounter was for my baby boy, and not for me!

So here Osteopathy is very known, and the moment I said my baby had sleeping issues, a colleague of my husband suggested to take him to an osteopath, this is what they did for their newborn baby after all, and this is what a lot of people do! Never heard of it, but if people trust their tiny babies to his hand there must be something.

And we did, and yes we saw immediate results. Two visits were enough to help him. Then it was my turn. But first what is Osteopathy? According to Wikipedia "Osteopathy is a type of alternative therapy that emphasizes in massage and other physical manipulation of muscle, tissue and bones." I know it sounds a lot like physio or chiropractic, but it is not, its deeper, mostly painless and more effective. It is a holistic method that balances the whole body, reduces stress and increases blood circulation, while helping the lymphatic system. Usually you need 2-4 visits to see excellent results or even solve your issue, of course all depends how serious it is.

How it works: So the osteopath will ask you many questions , take notes about your health history since you were a kid and he might emphasize a lot in any injury you had but also in the health of your gut. Maybe you don't know, but many problems and pains on our bones and tissue might actually starts internally from the health of our intestines, liver and stomach. Everything is connected and a blockage or infection at one of your organs might actually reflects in a pain on your back, shoulder, leg or neck.

So back at my case. I went because I had a chronic pain, about 9 years on my shoulder and my back. Started when I had my first son, I never treated - I am a mum who has no time- and gradually turned to tendonitis. In the 2nd of my 4 visits the pain has gone. Gone! I couldn't believe it I was pain free. Our session lasted 45-50 minutes and included muscle manipulation, alignment of my skeleton, but the most impressive part was the deep massage of my vital organs! The practitioner were able to give space between my intestine and my muscles or to feel if there were any inflammation on my liver and stomach. Incredible!

I wanted to share my experience, because I really believe that everyone can benefit from this therapy - young and old- and everyone should visit an osteopath at least one time in his lifetime. If the osteopath is well trained you will really surprised from the results. And since prevention is what our health needs, osteopathy can help you prevent, detect and  treat. Anne-Ruurd Hoogeveen, an experienced Osteopath- and my personal osteopath - that is working at Osteovitaal in Groningen, Netherlands explains: "With our hands we try to detect motion disturbances/immobile regions in fascia surrounding the organs, wich negatively impact the lymfatics, neurology and blood flow to that organ. We also search for muscle spasms in the smooth muscle of the stomach and intestines." And he continues: "Restrictions in the visceral fascia can also negatively impact the mobility in the spine and pelvis, and can therefore contribute in the onset of i.e. neck- and backpain." From this you are able to know the real issue and  find the right method to solve your problem.

I believe my visit to the osteopath was the best gift a gave to myself after many years of neglecting my chronic problem. Now I will use it like a maintenance, the same way you take your car yearly for a service! What will you do for yourself?



  2. You have said true about health in here, though it can be affected by any other means such as disease.

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    1. Hi Gane, thank you for your comment. of course a disease can affect, but Osteopathy can be used also as an indicator or as a prevention. Well trained osteopaths can help kids with serious syndromes and other very serious illnesses and even babies or help older people with arthritis and other issues by minimizing the symptoms. A lot o friends were helped with Osteopathy after many visit to a doctor or a physiotherapist without results. thank you

  3. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post… it was helpful in healthcar

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your kind words, I am very interested in alternative medicine so hopefully I will have more in the future,