Thursday, 26 January 2017

What's your job? (pause) Stay-at-home mom/dad... Hmm

On my role as an entertainer!
In the years I have been traveling and meeting other moms like me, and by saying like me I mean stay-at- home moms (sorry didn't met any stay-at- home dads although i know they exist and are doing a great job), there was always a cloud over us when somebody was making the very logical and normal question: "Do you work?" The short answer was "no, I am a stay-at- home mom" but most of the times a "but" and "because" had to come after that answer so to defend ourselves that we are not those women, that you see in the American reality shows that are pampering and drinking wine all day. Believe me our lives have no glamour, sparkles (well maybe if you have little girls in the house) and we don't live in a pink fluffy cloud, although it sounds nice.

Another reason that we are rushing to add a "but" and "because" is so to explain that most of us we had professional lives or wanted to have but it is either 1) a choice to stay home and dedicate to our kids until they are ready and then you can try to restart your professional life or 2) it is because of the circumstances, luck of jobs or 3) as in my case that we are changing countries more often than I am changing lightbulbs in my house, you know they exist those ones that last for 2 years, oh well I rarely have the luck to change them... we are off to the next destination! 😉 Actually for me is all the above. Choice, luck of opportunities and frequent changes of residence status.

When I got married my career came second and it was a choice. I loved it but being at the publishing and entertainment sector meant long hours at the office, and late nights in front of the computer. I did it for few years when I went back to Greece but although I loved it, i struggled because I am not good having others managing and caring for my kids. Then with all the moves came the luck of opportunities because of the demand and the different languages, and also because we were so moveable!
But that doesn't mean that I don't have an identity crisis every now and then... Especially when people do not value your role and many times not even your own husband or partner will not get the work and effort you are putting day in and day out, without the financial  bonuses and rewards, kisses and hugs are always appreciated.

And then after multiple conversations with friends, it hit me. All stay-at- home moms/dads are the pillars of the house. The building that we call "family" will collapse if they are not there. We have multiple offices, roles and services in the house that are open  and available 24/7. Crisis office, Housekeeping services along with Chef's responsibilities, nurse and counseling services, PR and entertainment services, Chauffer's services, technical and new media office. It is a serious business!

  Why i am writing this? Is nothing new i know, and no i am not feminist and i don't want to talk about equality and unfair gender discrimination. It is just a reminder to all the stay-at- home moms/dads that are questioning their contribution to the family, that are questioning their purpose of their existence because they don't have a "real" job, that their feeling that they are lacking or that are not efficient. Just so you know, your job is real, you are managers, executives, and supporters of your kids and your partners. And when the time comes and you might work again, you will have in your resume the greatest skills of multitasking, organizing, managing as long as you believe that what you do has an impact, because it has and it is a big one!



  1. Ofcourse the most difficult job is to raise your children and teach them the things that you think are the best for them.

    1. lol!!! Exactly what WE think it's best !