Saturday, 23 July 2016

People we meet for a reason

I realize more and more, that many times a new person comes into our life for a reason. Recently i had the opportunity to be around people that are open, spiritual, and positive. I really believe that you attract the people you need the most at a specific time in your life.

It is a such a nice surprise to connect with someone you know only few days, or to discover common thoughts, feelings and aspirations for life with a person that you know for a long time, but you never had the opportunity to have deeper, meaningful discussions.

We are at a point as humans that we have to start believing again to the people around us, we have to trust, we have to limit the fear. To ask ourselves "why i met this person at this exact time? What she/he wants to tell me, teach me or guide me to do? What i can learn? As an expat i have told you before that you need to be open, to listen to others, to give chances for new doors to open, for new ideas to enter your life. Otherwise you choose a lonely road.

I really feel that every person that comes in my life from now own has a special message to deliver to me. I  have learned to listen more, to engage better, to empathize and to question old ideas so to give space for new ones.

We need to start giving more time and attention to people that surround us. Use your antennas, use your instincts,  let yourself flow to a new unknown stream that an unfamiliar person brings to you.

Life is worth more when you connect, feel and share with others, new and old ones. Learn more about the people that surrounds you, and you might be surprised from the information you will get.
Anyone can be a teacher just make sure you are a good student, so to pass your lights to someone else. 

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