Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Everything starts with a coffee

Key question: "Do you want to meet for a coffee?"

The most terrifying thing when you move around countries is making friendships or actually the idea of how on earth you will manage to find new friends. Where, how, who is going to be ready to open hands and ears and welcome you to this alien place. And for me its all about my instinct. Although i am an easy communicator and you will find me starting conversations with strangers anywhere in the world, you will not find me having many friends in my life.

So apart of my long time friends back in Greece, i was lucky enough to bump on my journeys to some wonderful women that touched my life forever. You know the danger when you are an expat is that sometimes you are forced to make discounts and you end up being in a circle of acquaintances that don't represent you, just for the sake of being around other people. I choose not to.

On the other hand it is important when you are new to a place not to isolate yourself, something that can happen easily when you don't work. So my following 5 suggestions can apply to everyone that is in process of  a new start. From the first months to the university, to the first weeks at a new job.

Have positive attitude and be open to here new views.

Be relaxed. You don't have to impress nobody.

Use your humor to break the ice.

Try to relate and show empathy.

Just enjoy and be in the moment. 

The first coffee will define the future of the friendship, accompanied it with the best dessert they offer, and you might have a winner!

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