Monday, 27 December 2021

So INSTA-friendships are not so FINSTA after all!


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The first  important skill you need to learn when you decide to leave your country and become citizen of the world is to be open to new experiences, and new acquaintances. And let's be honest, you have no other choice, since everything and everyone will be new for you. I always found this the most exciting part of our journey, and every time we change a place. I get really excited meeting new people, I am curious to know about them, to understand them, to find our similarities and our differences. It is like dating first time!

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Why now is the best time, to be the best version of you


Living the quarantine life, many of us had more than enough spare time to overthink solutions, rethink behaviors and situations, re-evaluate relationships, revisit ideas, or restart passions, dreams and goals. This way of living that we all, globally, had to go through and many of us still do, wasn't only a lesson and a test of how good of a citizen, neighbor, employee, parent, or friends we are. It was also a lesson of how well we listen, and respect our own selves, and how good we are doing with our own existence. This internalization that we were asked, or better forced to do wasn't easy, and some times might have been unbearable for so many, because actually we had to stop and be more with ourselves. There was nowhere to escape, there were no excuses to make. The voices were loud and clear, no way to ignore them. That was exactly the time to take action. The moment of the biggest mandate stillness, became the most active time of all! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

What living in America taught me about racism

It has been a very sad few days here in America. But unfortunately it is not something new. The violent and unfair killing of more African- Americans has made this inflamed wound to finally burst. How much more can people stand? How much more can we all be blind, ignorance, and avoiding this huge problem of stepping over the human rights of our fellow citizens. I felt the need to share.

Monday, 25 May 2020

How life as an Expat can prepare you for difficult times, like Covid19

Let's be honest, nobody was prepared for what we are living globally the last few months. Not even the most wild mastermind would have thought such an extreme plot for a Hollywood movie. Although to be honest scientists had predict it... This Covid-19 or better invisible terrorist, that have made billions of people #Stayhome for weeks! Huge health, physical, and psychological challenges for every age, every nation, every religion and every financial status. A virus that equalized the world, maybe something that happened for the first time ever, since the existence of civilization? No one knew, and lets face it still do not know, how to deal with this. But there is maybe a group of people that are a little bit more trained and resilience on a physiological level at least, than the rest of the world, and these are the Expats*. The world nomads, the people that have to restart their lives in new horizons. The people that have to start from scratch, over and over again. The people that know how is to be isolated, with no friends, with some restrictions, far from loved ones, and yes, who know how is to feel lonely. 

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Is "Finding Happiness" the next new trend?

If we could only wake up one day and say "I am happy! I am really happy!" How possible this is? How easy is to switch mindset? How easy is to stop unhappy noises in your head and around you? How easy is to stop accusing other factors, people or situations for your own un-happiness? You will have probably think: This is how I am, I was born  seeing the glass half-empty." So with all these questions in mind, and more, i started looking for answers. My search land me to an online course. The subject: "The science of Well-being" by professor Laurie Santos. Well, apparently finding happiness is in the bucket list of million people, that they are in the hunt of how to touch, feel, achieve it, because by now almost 2.5 million have sign up to this course! Making it the most popular course in the history of Yale university!  And there is a reason apart from the "Stay at home" orders .This course is the best start you can make if you are in the look out for ways to achieve happiness! And keeps on giving you more than the answers you are looking for...

Monday, 11 May 2020

My interview at Expatfinder

Couple years ago I had the opportunity to share my experience as an Expat of 18 years now, to one of the most experience sites about Xpats, the Expatfinder. Here Is following my interview that very kindly was hosted on their site. Please share with me your expat experiences, by leaving a message in the end or at my Instagram account! 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

My Greek Summer: Chania - Crete

"You are not alone or limited, you have your nice memories from people and places, to go back anytime you like so to help you keeping going." That is exactly the sense that we are getting from the social media, in our current situation, where social distancing is the only way and the lack of physical socializing with friends and family really affects our whole being.  People are posting favorite places they have visited, calming pictures or videos from the nature or pets, or themselves on their younger version, from babies to college years. Past summer holidays is my best happy place that I like to dive in! So, lets take a trip to my memory lane from our last, family, summer holidays in the beautiful Greek island of Crete.