Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Understading America

Wow, life really took over me. But here I am! Back after ONLY 8 months of absence. In between those months we have celebrate here the coming of Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Super Bowl and Chinese New Year. In the States everything is a big reason to celebrate, and you can't escape, because you will see it, hear it, smell it, eat it, wear it... The moment one celebration ends, another find its way on the selves of the grocery shops. Anything for a celebration and for spending some cash, mainly! And although you know it is all part of the marketing game you grow to love it, and to crave it. Because in the end, it is all about the memories and the moments you get to built.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

How acupuncture helped me

I love alternative medicine. I am fascinated about ancient civilizations and the healing methods they were using. Uses of herbs, flowers, spices, oils, meditation, natural approaches. Massages and therapies used as natural healers. Emotional healing and physical healing is possible through these path. Because most of the time these two are connected. I found that this methods have such a wholesome approach with main focus to bring to the person balance on mind and body. So after my great osteopathy experience and still having flair ups with my aching shoulder i reached out to a friend that is an acupuncture therapist and performs a 5 element acupuncture, to seek for help. Little didn't i know what i was about to find out... my shoulder was just an outcome, and outcry of something deeper... I was ready to let my qi (chee) flow!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Our trip to Disney World - How to survive mentally, emotionally and physically

Disney world. How many kids have cried and screamed the lungs out, in front of the camera and then been watched on a you tube video from millions, when their parents were announcing to them: "WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!" How many people they have choose to go there for their honeymoon, birthdays, or graduations? The hot place to be on your school/college spring break. Disney World is the land of our dreams. Is the place where everyone is allowed to feel as a kid. Where the adults are overwhelmed and some even emotional from meeting and hugging the famous Mouse and his gang. The place where all the family members can be happy. But is also the place where the word LINES and WAITING sometimes steal the limelight from the actual famous residents of the park. So if a visit there is on your bucket list of "things i want to do before i die" then keep some notes, and go prepared. Mentally, emotionally and physically. Ah and of course financially!

Monday, 15 January 2018

What -a lot of- stress can teach you

My stress reliever 

It is the first month of the New year and since i rarely have resolutions  i will just go with you through some realizations and lessons i learned from the past challenging year i had, and still partially have, and maybe you had also, and you too looking for ways to overcome and move on. 

Red sign! STRESS was my biggest challenge of all.  I am not going to lie, i have never been the person that has the most cool reaction when there is an issue or a problem, but this time everything was seriously out of proportion. Mountains after mountains that i had to climb, and obstacles to overpass. Accumulations of  "you must do" and losses of "i want/need to do"

Monday, 18 December 2017

Our move No 6 and ..."The most wonderful time of the year!"

After 4 whole months i am back here on my blog! Just a week before the holidays, to report and give you a hint about our second round in the States. Our 6th move, second overseas, is now behind us and we are running to adjust to our new reality, new house, new neighborhood, new friends along with the old ones, and new school routines for our little one.

It was 4 very stressful months that i am slowly trying to overcome, and i am so thankful that Xmas is in the corner. This year it took us longer to be ready for the big holiday, but we made it!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Greek Summer - Mykonos island

Oh holidays! Music to me ears, especially this year that our life has been so hectic with traveling, saying (again) goodbyes to people we care, and most importantly with moving continents... one more time. So before we leave behind our lovely Netherlands, we packed our 4 suitcases with whatever they could fit for the summer, we load the rest of the house to a container for an oversea destination and off we left for our dream holidays place, Greece. This year we head to Mykonos. One of the most famous islands in Greece together with Santorini. Our only mission to just relax, eat, sleep and enjoy the Mediterranean sea and sun. No parties for 2 tired parents of 2. But is this possible, when Mykonos is known for its VIP profile, its crazy parties and extravagant events? Well, yes! if you know where to go you can have quite family holidays like anywhere else in Greece and if you feel like it you can always rub shoulders with the rich and famous visitors of the island. Here is my photo journal of our trip. Seat, look, and enjoy the view!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Next chapter soon: Why i will miss the (North) Netherlands...

Another move, another set of goodbyes, another time for wet eyes, and emotional farewell dinners and coffee mornings. The Netherlands welcomed our family so warm, that it is very difficult to let things go. I never expected to feel so at home in a country where, we just came for work, where i don't speak the language, (although my time in Belgium helped me a lot) where i knew nobody, and where i had to start from 0. Well everything happened so easily, effortless, and calm. We found a house close to my ideal kind of house, in an area where you can easily find anything you need on a walking or biking distance. In a beautiful setting surrounded by nature and animals. Where the rhythms of life are relaxed and organized. Nothing fancy or glamorous, just pure normal living. And of course i had the luck to be at the right place at the right time to meet my first friend here at the gym, who she generously open her house, her hug and her other friendships and shared them with me. They say, or i say, you only need one person to connect so to stop feeling alone in a new place. Well, i had the privilege to meet more than one wonderful women, mothers and seekers of a better life for them and their family. Netherlands has been a box full with surprises!