Thursday, 30 June 2016

Seize the moments

Living the moments

I love taking pictures. You can capture moments that will follow you forever and sometimes they may even have a huge impact to someones life. How many times have you gone back to those photo albums from your childhood, from your school years, your graduation day, holidays with friends and family, your wedding day, your first baby, second baby... and you have laughed, cried, comment, remembered, being surprised?

While i was biking i had to stop and capture this tranquil place
 Pictures are wonderful moments that stay still forever and become a frame of your past. Nowadays, it has become so much easier to capture moments and share them with the world. I love sharing beautiful things with people. Its like if they can see through my eyes and be where i am. 
Neofili Kostopoulou
My son with his good friend on a boat at a cave in a Greek Island

 It's interesting if you think how many emotions a still picture can awake. There is always a nostalgic feel to it, and after a while when things are starting to fade they will become your memory card. No wonder why we all scared that will loose our pictures when the laptop or the phone crashes! They are valuable!

For me that i have been traveling so much all these years pictures are vital. Its my connection with my surroundings, it is my way to explore, learn and discover. Also it is my companion, since as an expat i have a lot of lonely times.
At the butterfly house in Blenheim Palace in Oxford
Through the pictures i started appreciating moments, i started living for now. There are so many times that i want to stop the car and take a picture of a beautiful landscape, or of the sun that sometimes floods the evening sky with its magical colors, especially after a storm, or a flock of horses with their new babies. It is such a peaceful moment. Even when a lot going on around, that click stops the clock for seconds and makes something that would have been forgotten forever, eternal.

So don't forget to take pictures of everything you love and especially with the people you love. It is the greatest heritage. Keep these memories flooding your phone, iPad and camera!