Saturday, 9 June 2018

How acupuncture helped me

I love alternative medicine. I am fascinated about ancient civilizations and the healing methods they were using. Uses of herbs, flowers, spices, oils, meditation, natural approaches. Massages and therapies used as natural healers. Emotional healing and physical healing is possible through these path. Because most of the time these two are connected. I found that this methods have such a wholesome approach with main focus to bring to the person balance on mind and body. So after my great osteopathy experience and still having flair ups with my aching shoulder i reached out to a friend that is an acupuncture therapist and performs a 5 element acupuncture, to seek for help. Little didn't i know what i was about to find out... my shoulder was just an outcome, and outcry of something deeper... I was ready to let my qi (chee) flow!

In contrast with the modern medicine, alternative medicine believes that body's aches and pains usually have an emotional root. This is something i discovered too on my first session of acupuncture. In these 2 hours, i had to talk about my physical pains, medical history, but also to explore my emotional blockages, because it was those that i had to overcome so to start my journey of recovery. And since i had never been before to a therapist's or psychologist's office, that was definitely a big internal journey.

I was lucky enough to have a therapist with a great experience, empathy and understanding of what i was experiencing. In every 1 hour session, after my first 2 hours consultation, we would talk for a good 20-30 minutes  about my health, my daily functions and my feelings, and then  for the rest of the time i was having the treatment with the needles. In that time i had to relax and let go any thoughts they were bothering my earlier. It was "me" time. The points on my body that she would focus and trigger every time with the needles, were based on the pain i was experiencing, but also the emotions i had that day.

Since the first visit i felt that this experience will be cathartic. I had an emotional overload, physical tiredness and minimum energy outlets. I was in deep need of communication, relaxation, and self-respect. I always thought that i can overcome everything by myself. But these last years with all of our hectic moves, constant life changes and of course the always demanding needs of my boys, my system had crashed down. This tension and daily stress, took over my body, blocked my neck, back,and caused even more pain on my already affected shoulder. I thought i was getting really sick. 

In Chinese medicine the actual affected part of my body was my lungs. I needed oxygen. Emotions, had blocked this essential organ. "Breath". "Just breath" was the after treatment advise of my therapist. My lungs were full of emotions that couldn't  let me flood my system with the very important oxygen that every inch of my body needed.

After 6 sessions of acupuncture my energy is flowing better. 
I am calmer. 
I am less emotional. 
I started listening my needs and do something about it. 
I learned to stop and see the signs and reactions that me body has when i am stress or overwhelmed (look out for that tension on your neck and shoulders that is causing all the stiffness). 
I learned to tell my truth. 
I learned to be kinder to myself, to communicate better, and to ask for help. 

Acupuncture and my great therapist helped me to start clearing up my blocked path, from leaves, branches, and overgrown grass so gradually i will be able to reach a beautiful garden or at least to have the right tools to manage the unwanted weeds that every now and then will appear. And of course i can always go back to acupuncture for a tune up!

*Research the experience of your Acupuncturist, it can make a huge difference if you've been treated from the right person. 


  1. You are just pushing the pretty door (a wooden door with an heart on it) and entering your magical garden now so Breathe! Thank you for sharing this experience, it is uplifting, inspiring and very helpful to us readers!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am glad that my experiences might help others too.

  2. As i was reading your experience i thought that i had experienced the same with yoga. My medicine was almost the same. Breathing. Very nice article!!