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My Greek Summer - Mykonos island

Oh holidays! Music to me ears, especially this year that our life has been so hectic with traveling, saying (again) goodbyes to people we care, and most importantly with moving continents... one more time. So before we leave behind our lovely Netherlands, we packed our 4 suitcases with whatever they could fit for the summer, we load the rest of the house to a container for an oversea destination and off we left for our dream holidays place, Greece. This year we head to Mykonos. One of the most famous islands in Greece together with Santorini. Our only mission to just relax, eat, sleep and enjoy the Mediterranean sea and sun. No parties for 2 tired parents of 2. But is this possible, when Mykonos is known for its VIP profile, its crazy parties and extravagant events? Well, yes! if you know where to go you can have quite family holidays like anywhere else in Greece and if you feel like it you can always rub shoulders with the rich and famous visitors of the island. Here is my photo journal of our trip. Seat, look, and enjoy the view!

Merhia beach
All we wanted for this summer is to be as close to the sea as we could. That what brought us to Merhia beach. A hidden gem of Mykonos that even long time visitors of the island haven't even heard about it. A nice pebble beach, at the north-east of the island with amazing wild views of rocks and open sea. Perfect for the few guest houses that are looking over it from the small cliffs around. The only thing you hear is the sound of the waves. The wind can be a bit of problem when the wind season hits the island, that any how it is called the windy island, and then it is time to discover other more cover and calm beaches, that I will show you as we go. There you can walk to a picturesque little church of Saint Nicholas.
Saint Nicholas
And to discover another hidden beach, where you have to jump few rocks so to reach it. But you will probably be alone for most of the day. Be sure to bring water, food and shade for both beaches.

Hidden beach that only the locals know
So when the north winds started to taking over the area we were staying, we started exploring the nearest beaches at the north. Lia and Kalafati were the closest. Beautiful quite places perfect for families where you can either seat at an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds or find your spot and enjoy without paying anything. In general the organized beaches of the island can be very pricey, with prices from 20 euros to 60 euros for 2 sunbeds with an umbrella! The same can be with the food, so it is good to know that there at the mid- north side you can have nice Greek food without breaking your bank. Ano mera is just 15 minutes away from the chora (old harbor) of the island, it has a lovely kids friendly square with no passing by cars and about 7-8 nice little taverns. Do try the grilled sardines if you are there end of July and August, the stuffed with rice tomatoes and peppers or some yummy lamb chops, and of course the typical mykonian cheeses. Another place where you can order take away too is the Kalamakia and the Mykonian plate. The first one great for gyros, souvlaki and other grilled meats and the second one great for typical homestyle greek food that is prepared fresh every morning. Both very affordable, very tasty and very fast when the hunger hits red.
Kalafati beach
But although isolation and relaxation is nice, it is a must to visit chora the center of the island where everything is happening, along with few popular beaches like Paradise and Super paradise, Ornos,  Paraga, Psarrou, Agios Sostis. If you want to experience, actually see the area, and be able to walk through the narrow, little streets without the traffic from the crowds, visit it during the day, when everyone else is still sleeping because of the last nights crazy partying! That what I did. Beautiful little stores with small treasures and with prices for every budget, but mostly expensive, lets be honest. A store that I loved and would recommend, since I bought some of my gifts, was Anamnesia. Full with upgraded Greek souvenirs made from known Greek artists that wanted to give a new, fresh and modern look to the outdated souvenirs that have been sold for so many years. Great initiative!
One evil eye for protection is never enough!

Beautiful artistic splashes compliment the all white houses

Mykonos old harbor at the best time of the day

And now I will introduce you to the beach that won our heart. Elia beach is at the south of the island. Is a great organized beach, with a nice restaurant and a quite or fun side, you choose. This is where we spend most of our days, since it is protected from the north winds. A perfect sandy beach with magical, cold fresh waters, and sea activities to do if you feel like it. It even has a tent for doing massage by the beach, great if you still feel stiff from all this working in front of a computer or from  traveling. I will just let the pictures speak.
My favorite view
The golden hour
This color!!!
So that was our summer this year. Very happy, and blessed to have experienced it with my family and some friends. Holidays is the most priceless time of the year. It is the time to connect, to reflect and to appreciate and this place was perfect for us to do all this. I hope and wish you had a good summer too or you are about to have. Even if it is not your dream place or even if you don't have some much time try to take in as much as you can, so to recharge and be ready for your next level!

Until next year!
Xo xo xo

A house that looks like a beautiful sculpture

Dawn,the best hour to be at the beach
The beautiful monastery of Panagia Tourliotissa at Ano mera
Island life

Elia means olive and an olive tree at the entrance welcomes you the best.

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