Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Laugh it up, it's good for you!

They say "when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade", i say "laugh it up as hard as you can!"
In the most difficult times of my life, the moment of stress, unknown, pain, or fear i would always try to find the strength to keep my smile and even joke about it. And you know what? That really helped me to keep going. That is something i want to pass to my sons too. To laugh it up, even if you have just got slapped from life. A laughter and a smile is the best defense mechanism that will and can protect and help you to overcome almost everything!

I decided to write about it, not only because smiling and laughing as often as i can, is a way and a choice of life, most of the time of course, but also because i see how much affects the people around me, and firstly my kids.
 I am always trying to find reasons to laugh with my older son, but it is my almost 2 years old baby boy that made me realize that laughter is so therapeutic, so soothing, it relaxes you, it releases your stress and pampers your tiredness, and most important, makes you sleep like a baby! So there is no bedtime routine for us now that doesn't include a hard laughing moment that leads to a nice, and calm sleep with no nightmares and scary monsters! Tickling is the most successful method that makes my sons crack down to laughs. But it can be a silly story, or hard staring in the eyes to see who is going to laugh first. It always works!
But i choose to keep a smile and find a reason to make others laugh in my day to day life too. A smile and a humorous conversation has helped me along my multiple moves to different countries. My motto is "a smile can take you a long way in a new place, even if you don't speak the language". And its true. Its that positive feeling you send to others that will make them take the time and helped you, for example to find the address you are looking for.
I think one way to smile and laugh it up on difficult issues is to not take the situation, yourself and others too seriously. And by that i mean to try to deflate situations, to see from a different prospective, to be more relaxed towards criticism, to see beyond the problem.
I know its not always easy to keep it up. When life pulls you from your hair, when there are health or financial issues that are chasing you. When your personal life is messy and complicated. When things are just plain difficult try to find that glimpse of light, take it, "steal" it from someone else. From that person that smiled and hold the door for you when entering a store. Take it from the little kid that makes faces from the car next to yours at the traffic. "Steal"it from that happy dog, with the wiggly tale, that comes towards you ready to play with you.Watch some cat videos on youTube!
Don't let yourself forget how it feels to smile and laugh, no matter what.
Smile and laughter are the potions that keeps us alive, drink them as often as you can, it can only be good for you!


  1. I love this article! A wonderful reminder... We tend to take life so seriously! Let's have a good laugh and our smiles are indeed so precious!

    1. We all need it! Just a reminder😉 glad you like it! 🙏

  2. Thank you Nelly for this beautiful article..I think, I needed it..

  3. Excellent post. We all need to smile and laugh. Greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  4. Dear Linda, thank you for your comment, i really appreciate your feedback.