Friday, 27 January 2017

A hymn for Greek people

Reaching for the light through a cave in Chios island
Philoxenia means Hospitality and is a Greek term. A concept that Greek people always had in their lives. Since ancient times Greeks were welcoming the foreign, the new (my name Neofili, means friend of the new actually!) Greece has always been the oasis for the people from North and from colder climates. The place where they plan their honeymoon, the country that trust for beautiful holidays, the most sacred time of everyone's life. The place where they go because they now they will find big smiles, open arms and a lot of great food and sceneries. But Greece proved lately that it is there at dark times also. At times that people need a helping hand, a lifesaver literally and metaphorically. Times that nobody wants to witness. Greek people in the refugee crisis became the lighthouse, the hope and the road to a new life.

Greek people forget their own big problems and difficulties they have been living for the past few years and defend life instead of death. This little country taught a big lesson to big countries that closed their doors, their arms and their boarders to these desperate people. What it means to be a human. I have no words to say to all these people in the Greek islands and all over Greece, but Thank you.

Thank you for giving help, home, warm food and safety to these people. Thank you for being generous and shared with them the other half of your meal that you don't have. Thank you for not being scared and judgmental of these people that have deep scars and wounds from the war and what they had to do so to survive. Thank you for giving one more time your lights to the rest of the world. That what Greece and Greek people are truly are.

*I know that there are people in Greece as in every matter, that have opposite feelings, and I understand their point of view too, but the majority of Greek people are been described above.

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