Monday, 18 December 2017

Our move No 6 and ..."The most wonderful time of the year!"

After 4 whole months i am back here on my blog! Just a week before the holidays, to report and give you a hint about our second round in the States. Our 6th move, second overseas, is now behind us and we are running to adjust to our new reality, new house, new neighborhood, new friends along with the old ones, and new school routines for our little one.

It was 4 very stressful months that i am slowly trying to overcome, and i am so thankful that Xmas is in the corner. This year it took us longer to be ready for the big holiday, but we made it!

At this point i will not bother you a lot, i just want to share with you some moments from our travels on our favorite time of the year and wish you Happy holidays and warm in your hearts. 

And to all of you that you are in transition emotionally, physically, spiritually, to those that have move to a new place, have lost a loved one, have any kind of struggle or just missing their family and friends that are far away... its ok these days to feel sad, confused, or lost, just try to turn this feelings around by sharing - even with strangers- a simple "happy holidays", by taking in the beautiful decorated settings, by just finding beauty and warmth in the simple things. Those you have kids, try to live this holidays through their eyes, share the excitement when they see lights, and decorated trees, and Santa's.  Like in my favorite movie Polar Express, start believing and you might here that magic bell of Father Christmas. A reminder that there is hope.

Happy Holidays xo xo 🎄

Maryland, our new home!
Last year at our home in The Netherlands
In London, UK 5 years ago
In our lovely homeland Greece 6 years ago

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