Saturday, 9 July 2016

And finally men's behavior makes sense

Oooh, how many books, discussions, women's blogs and conversations with girlfriends that have as a subject: "Why men are sooo different from women?". All these hours of conspiracy between women on how can we change them, make them think more like us, alter their DNA and input a microchip to their brain so to get us! Hundreds of magazines have been writing countless tips about this matter, but still the question remains. "Why we don't get each other?"

As a mother of boys i had to find a way to understand them, and since i am still researching my husband i knew it wasn't going to be easy.  
There must be a reason and an explanation for the way they react, or don't react. 

A why, when they don't have answers when we so desperately want them to.

A reason for this luck of empathy, at least in a way that will satisfy women's needs.

How it is possible no to want to analyze every single thing and be so ignorant, again for women's standards, while we are burning to find an answer? So many why's.

And the answer appeared, and the truth shined. Men and women will never be alike and totally in-tune and the reason is very simple. According to Mark Gungor, an American expert in marriage counseling, women's brain is a mass of wires where "EVERYTHING" is connected to "EVERYTHING" and is analyzing 24/7, while men's is full of well organized boxes, where every subject has its own specific space and there is even a box that inside it has absolutely nothing at all!

At this point i think i felt jealous!

'Suddenly everything makes sense! Suddenly i am not mad anymore when i realize that i will be talking and i will not always get a respond, or be heard (nothing box), i am not mad for the times that i will be doing 3 things while he will be doing 1 (one box at a time remember?). Suddenly men became crystal clear!

The hilarious YouTube video that follows is a speech from Mark Gungor and  highlights those differences, while at the same time explains perfectly and with an extremely graphic and funny way how the two brains work.

As he says: "Laugh your way"

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