Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I am an expat and i am well

I love spring, because i love new beginnings
Fourteen years ago i left Greece for the first time, at the same time that i became an official expat wife.

My first trip abroad was the beginning of a chapter, that now is a book, to a new life, to a new reality, to the unknown.

Goodbye's soon will be the story of my life, always painful, always with guilt leaving loved ones back.

"Home" will be a confusing word. That girl that was writing to her mum when she was 9:  "One day i will leave you so to go to other countries, but i will still love you" suddenly was living her predictions...trying to grow roots to new places.

Loneliness is the first acquaintance of an expat, especially when is the partner that doesn't work. Those first weeks or months of adjustment are sometimes cruel. Move by move you are getting use to the bittersweet taste, your self becomes your best friend. You learn so much about you that is scary and enlightening at the same time.

Expats, especially the trail spouse as we are called, need to be brave, to take risks, to be open, to have the energy to start from 0 again, and again, and again and always with a smile, because a smile takes you a long way in a new country. It solves many problems, many miscommunications and many times gives you new friends.

Being in my 5th move here in the Netherlands, i can now say i am an expat and i am well . I can't imagine a different life for us. After awhile you become a citizen of the world, you get a gypsy heart and settling down in one place its not easy. But i think its also the country, for a reason it feels like home.


So this blog will be my eyes and my soul, now here in the North and later who knows....

Its not only for expats, don't be fooled. Its for those who love moments, who love to explore, who care for little things too, for those who transitioning in their life, for those who believe in communication, for those that think and feel like kids. Please share your views and enjoy the ride.

Xo Xo


  1. Good luck in your new writing start!!

  2. I really like your blog Nelly and your posts.
    Keep writing..