Monday, 4 July 2016

Your inner kid needs you, or better why you need it?

neofili kostopoulou
Captured by my son being silly on mother's day

There was a period of my life that i had to dive very deep, so to start moving up and meet the surface for a good breath of fresh air. It was the time that i left my serious adult self to take over -together with some heavy unavoidable situations life throw you sometimes- and made me send to the corner the inner kid which until then was always my helping hand so to cope with difficulties.

It took me a while to learn again how to call it to come out and play. After all i had hurt it deeply. I learned again to be more spontaneous, to do sometimes silly things, like tickling my husband when he was list expecting it, something that will make us laugh until tears will come, or to seat down on the floor and be funny and crazy with my kids for hours.

Who should i choose for today?

You know it is OK to be 40 or 50 and have a little a bit of the sparkle that a kid has, it means that you love life! I know there is always a concern that people will say "act like your age", but who says that a number will dictate the need to be carefree and silly even if it is for few minutes? Its something that i learned by observing  my grandfather that passed away when he was in his mid 90's.

No matter how many hardships he had in life, wars he had to fought and saying goodbye to so many loved ones, he was always positive and full of energy, like a young kid. I remember his visits where i will find him playing football at our balcony, or other times singing and dancing if a song he liked was coming on the radio.

I really believe that his attitude, and maybe some other good genes, kept him alive and well. The fact that he didn't totally abandon the steering wheel of his life to his adult self, but he chose to share the ride with his inner kid too, must have played a role.

How you keep this kid alive?

Your inner kid will love you if every now and then dance at your favorite song, alone, at your house or if you sing it loud while you are driving.

Your inner kid will have fun if you play hide-and-seek and do silly things with your kids.

Your inner kid will be satisfied if this summer you eat that piece of watermelon without thinking the napkins.

Your inner kid will thank you if you watch a kids movie even if you don't have kids and if you do to enjoy it with them and share the enthusiasm.
Everything for a laugh

I know you may say "but sometimes life is heavy and complicated, and cruel and difficult, and, and..." There must be always, always time for a break to play, because it might be the eureka moment that you were looking for, or that deep breath that so often you forget to take and your body and soul needs it so badly.

Find your inner kid and keep it happy, it is the best gift to yourself!

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