Sunday, 28 August 2016

Soul searching

Water helps me be balanced. Year after year i realize that whenever i live in places that there are around lakes, oceans, rivers, canals, or the sea i feel happier and more connected to myself. For some reason water makes me think deeper, clearer and more pure. It feels like returning home, as they say. The waves give me answers to my questions, the reflections on the water are lighting my soul and my brain, the breeze clears my thoughts. My trip to Greece and my time next to the sea brought to me one more time, some serious soul searching....and a kind of a eureka moment...

We are at a point as humans that we have savoir, in small or big scale a consuming life. A lot of us we have been disconnected from ourselves and the others. We are there, but we are really not. Technology of course plays a huge role. Our cravings cannot be satisfied easily. Its difficult to slow down and enjoy. It is difficult to appreciate the simple things, It is difficult to separate the musts from the needs. We sabotage us so many times. We see the tree and not the forest.

Loch Raven, Maryland

All this can become a trap. Dalai Lama says "The purpose of life is to be happy" and that "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion", too. Do you know your purpose? Do you know your calling in this life? Every each of us have a mission. Every pain, difficulty, or struggle has come to us for a reason. To makes us the person we are, or we want to be, but don't know how. Remember everyone of us is stronger than he/she thinks.

You just need your personal "Eureka moment".

Nobody has all the answers. The most successful people, had some very low moments, before starting going up the hill. Usually a "eureka or an aha moment" can come after a long period of desperation for an answer, through pain or need to solve a problem. It can be for your professional or personal life.

Your eureka moment might find you when you start being true to yourself. When you realize what makes you happier. When you stop and be silent. Visualize your happy place. What is filling your heart and your soul? Which action will make you go to bed and feel complete that you did it?

Open this window of opportunities. Make a step towards your true self. It might be scary or painful at that moment,  but soon it will bring fulfillment, relief and new paths that will make every day special, and meaningful.

That is my goal for this new season, and i will work hard towards it. 

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