Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sisterhood is the answer

Big kisses to my girlfriends!
Women need women in their lives. Who needs a psychologist if you have your girlfriend right there to talk, to cry, to laugh, to advise, to just listen to you, and vice versa of course. Women need women. Nature gave us the amazing skill to be able to show empathy, to have the need to nurture, to protect, to heal. There is a reason when people write that if the world was ruled from women would be a better place. When a person has the gift of creating a creature how it is possible to believe in wars, cruelty, and violence? Therefore sisterhood must be our mission for a better personal and universal well being. 

Some of you will laugh and say, "what are you talking about Neofili? Women can be catty with each other, they can be jealous and manipulative". These are human faults, these are consequences that were born from a reason and sometimes we must see these behaviors with more skepticism and understanding, than with judgment and tendency to isolate.  

I have the luck to have an older sister, and not only that, i am actually here because of her. She wanted desperately a sibling, order it to my parents, to God, and to the universe and daaa taaa here i was! We have 10 years difference and that made things complicated when were growing up, but less dramatic and not at all competitive. Now i feel like the big sister ;)  She has taught me to not be jealous, to be giving and supportive to others in general. She is a lovely and caring person. 

Apart of my big sister i always had good and loyal girlfriends. I was never in a big group of girls as i was growing up. I have good friends that i met when i was 10 and these friendships are still going even if we are miles away from each other. 

Along the way and as i was traveling and living to all this places i found other sisters/friends. What i have learned is that only women can understand women! Simple as that. You know how difficult is to jungle family and professional life. You know how it is to tear yourself in pieces so to please everyone around you. You know how it is to feel guilty for not being enough mom, daughter, wife, friend, employee, your own person and the list goes on and on. 
Women have to support each other psychologically. mentally and physically.  We have to be next to each other and be supportive and helpful. We are a such complicated specie, poor men don't get us. I have made the choice to never be jealous towards other women, i have always be an admire of other women's success, beauty, achievements. Because all these 3 for me are a very subjective matter.
Open your hearts, your arms and your ears towards other women. Be more caring, understanding and supportive. Respect and encourage. Judge less, gossip less, procrastinate less.

Unity can be a wonderful thing and what our world needs right now. It is time!


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