Saturday, 19 November 2016

My festive Dutch photo-diary (long version!)

Autumn in the Netherlands has been great! It is mid November and the weather decided to wear its fall costume just last week. But it has been great also because it is full of so many activities, festivities and celebrations that it seems like a looong party! Well for our family its the first fall in The Netherlands so we had to explore everything! So with the help of the good, sunny weather we visited other cities, we followed flower parades, we sang and took candies on the night of St. Martins and of course we met Sinterklaas and his helper(s) Piet(s)! Sooo exciting months for the kids and all the families. Here are some of the wonderful things we saw the previous months. Enjoy the Dutch festivity greatness!

A visit to the fort Bourtange

 This is a magical place at the North of the country, very close to the boards with Germany. It is a fort in the the shape of stars and it is surrounded by canals and bridges. Only few cars can enter so it is a safe and quite. According to the history it was defensing the safety of Groningen from the Germans since it was the main entrance to the area.


 Earlier on the 24th of September was this wonderful flower parade that you will find in different towns throughout the month. I visited the one in Roden. There you will see the incredible result and precision of the people that takes months to complete. Huge floats dressed with hundreds of fresh flowers parade around the city with mainly kids on the them. It is a 4 days event in the town with also a market and many, many horses on display for sale and show! Of course the town lives on a party mode for all these days. No school also!

Saint Martin's Day (Sint Maarten)

Photo of my friend Miranda
On the 11th of November all the kids here in the North of the Netherlands mostly, are making their own lanterns and go door to door singing Saint Martin's song and taking candies. Saint Martin was a monk that was friend with the kids and was helping the poor people. The day is also represents the beginning of winter on the calendar. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas)

 A huge celebration for the Dutch equal with the coming of Father Christmas for others. The Saint is arriving in the country by boat from Spain together with his helpers Piet,s at the second week of November and stays untill the 4th of December that is the actual day that he celebrates. The kids leave their shoes next to the door and get gifts and candies from the saint, and everyday there is on TV announcements and a diary with the Saints news. A lovely tradition that everyone here embrace so nice! So happy to experienced it with my boys!


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