Thursday, 1 December 2016

Give Xmas a chance, and get some Xmas lights now!

Happy December everyone! 🎄
If you are a friend of mine in FB or Instagram you are already know that Xmas has arrived this year in our house mid of November. That is the case sometimes when you have kids. But for me my kids is the excuse, because i simple love Xmas! And Xmas is not an easy period for me and i will explain later why. But Xmas is not easy for many. Others feel more lonely, in others brings bad memories from unhappy childhood or family times, others feel that are obliged to be and feel happy. And you have every right to feel that way, but before you do give Xmas a chance there are many reasons out there that will  help you to feel happy when you see red ribbons and flashing lights and get you in to the festive mood, only if you open that window and let the magic in.

My Christmas as a child were very normal and sometimes exciting. At that time you didn't need a lot of money or something extravagant so to be happy and in a festive spirit. You only needed your family and friends, and kids needed a small gift from Santa under the tree.

Xmas was and is a feeling for me.

My Xmas bubble was rocked hard 15 years ago. My father passed the second day of New Years Eve. Since then Xmas is always bittersweet for me as other important dates in my life. But i chose to still love Xmas. I chose to keep the good memories and make new ones with my family. It gives me warmth and i even compare the Xmas lights with stars that looking over me. Xmas lights actually gives me comfort. That is why i would suggest these holidays if you put one thing into your house choose to be some or many Xmas lights. They have a special power, believe me! For me Xmas decoration is more about the lights than any other thing.
Lights will sparkle a lonely heart, lights can make you dream and feel a bit like a kid. Lights as i said can give comfort and warmth. Can create a more romantic surrounding, Xmas lights give hope that something good, better, different might come, and they make the house alive and happy.
It might be just an object, or a feeling. It is your choice as so many other things in life. Sometimes is how you want to see things, like a dancing little star of hope, and not how actually are, just a tangled wired with light bulbs.
May the lights be with you these holidays! 🎇🎇🎇

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