Sunday, 5 February 2017

Cry me a river, its ok!

My mother used to say, when I was a kid that it was as if "I had tears in my pocket". I wasn't a drama queen, but I was and still getting emotional very, very easily. I might cry from happiness, sadness, empathy, injustice, anger, tiredness... I can be a crying machine 😂 and I even weep to social events like my son's play at school, from proudness of others achievements, or from being sympathetic to a friends story that shares at a café. I am definitely not ashamed about me crying in front of others!  For some crying is a weak thing to do, embarrassing, uncomfortable, not for adults and especially not for men -yes still is considered a handicapped. Other people they just cannot cry, which I find dangerous, mostly for their own health. For me crying has been as much comforting and cathartic, as laughter has been. So crying and laughter in my world are holding hands.

Crying is a body function/reaction that even scientists have conflict ideas about it. The idea that tears are just useful to keep our eyes healthy, wet and clean belongs to the past. Many more doctors have started researching about the emotional outlet and the health impact crying or not crying might have. It seems that the people that deny to cry or just cannot cry might be putting their health in some kind of danger. According to an article of WebMD "Why We Cry: The Truth About Tearing Up", "The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep." I sure believe that statement strongly.

Crying for me has been many times savior. I smile more, but I am always connected with my emotional self. I am sure there are people that believe I am supersensitive, they even told me to my face "Nely you should do something with this crying thing you have". You know what? Its better to be real to yourself and feel free to express your feelings, than buried them under tons of internal sadness,  showing a strong façade that will most definitely lead to a long term battle with depression, unexplain anger and sudden emotional and physical bursts.

In my world people our allowed to cry, I even promote and encourage crying to my not crying type friends. I understand that people who don't cry easily they don't know how to handle it. Its too real, too raw, it creates stress because they are not used to let go their own feelings. These are people who loves control, who explain things with squares and numbers. So for those people who feel awkward in front of wet eyes starring at them, I can say that tears are just the voice of the soul. It is another way that we people communicate what we feel.  It might look to passionate, to extreme or too childish, but it is very real.

So being a cry baby might not be so bad after all? Don't forget that crying is the first sign as newborns that we are alive and well! 😀

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