Wednesday, 28 November 2012

And the story goes like this...

Here i am after over 13 years of work in fashion magazines, TV shows and Internet sites it is time for "me time." I am not 30, neither 40 so to be in danger of the famous middle life crisis or not? I am 34, married, with a child, live in another country -again- and trying to define my next step in my life. Easy? Nope. Especially when the circumstances changing, when -again- have to come out from your comfort zone and reach out for the "wants", "needs, and  "can do".

It is exciting, it is refreshing, it is scary, it is challenging. It is my life. Welcome to my crazy, but colourful world, flooded with emotions, pictures, sounds and proofs that it is nice to be alive and able to observe, take in every new day and find the good in every bad and dark shadow. I love all the nice things probably as you do also. I love to observe the others. I love to be there when there is a need. I love to give without taking back- if i do is a nice bonus! I love autumn leafs, actually i love every season, i am kind of an old soul... But i also love everything contemporary, different, new, eccentric and out of the box. I hope my blog to be for you kind of fresh air, like an open window on a bloom garden or a Greek summer breeze from the Mediterranean sea. Enjoy!

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