Thursday, 29 November 2012

Time to spoil yourself

What a lovely sunny day here in Oxford, but with close to 0 temperatures and still recovering from the floods earlier this week, and the cues of cars on the motorways, the winter days feel long, unfriendly and even scary!

Time to change all that. Take down they grey curtains and bring in the sun. How? By pampering yourself. Today after a long negotiation with myself i finally managed to go for some well needed treatments, and lying there on the nice warm bed with my hydration mask on, waiting from my massage , i was wondering why i haven't done this earlier? The answer is easy. Because i was never making myself a priority.

So no more excuses and if i cannot go i can always bring the spa at my home. Why don't you do the same?

When the kids are at school, or in bed, and you have a little bit of "me" time follow my plan. Pamper yourself!

Use natural products that you will find in your kitchens cupboards and make homemade cosmetics.

I often use the following and the results are excellent:

Slices of cucumber for my eyes or used teabags. Afterwards they eyes look refreshing, and takes away the tiredness and the puffiness. It is great to use it every day especially if you have the sense of heavy eyes or irritations.

Sugar and lemon. Make a paste and scrub your face. This scrub will make your skin look brighter and cleaner. for the boy you can mix salt with your conditioner or your moisturizer and do your body.

For facial masks i have too options. If i want to make my skin look tighter i use beaten egg whites, you will not believe how tight your skin will look after.

If i want to moisturize my skin i will mix honey and full fat milk so to create again a paste and then put it on my face and my neck.

For my hair i will use Greek virgin olive oil. It is the best mask, especially if you have frizzy and damaged hair. Wrap your hair with clean film and a warm towel.

If now you want to moisturize your body as well, you can have a bath where you will put oatmeal flakes in and after you dry you can apply your cream and again wrap yourself around with clean film, or with warm towels.

Last but not least, apply Vaseline -not natural but effective- at your feet for extra smoothness.

Tip: Keep the lights low, the music on and drink something natural, like a mandarin- green tea for an internal detox and a touch of freshness.

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