Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Say cheese!

Smile girl!

Do you feel that sometimes you forget to smile or laugh with all your heart? Seriously how often  do you have the chance to do it, lets say, the previous week?

A night out with some girlfriends came to me as a reminder, that yes, i am an adult, but still i have the right to laugh hard - don't i- laughing that brings tears in my eyes!

Really that night with the Oxford girls my cheekbones hurt so much from laughing, and we all agreed that this can only be a good sign... How often do you smile or laugh? Ask yourself and then read here some other very good reason why you should laugh your heart out.

  • It is good for the wrinkles and it is actually a workout for the facial muscles.
  • It floods the body with oxygen.
  • It is a remedy for depression and bad mood.
  • You become more approachable.
  • It "makes" your day.
  • It helps you to relax.
  • Its my weapon to make new friends in every new country I move!

Υou want more excuses? Next time do not hold back, laugh like a child and you will realize that it has an infectious effect!

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