Saturday, 17 September 2016

Groningen by...Saturday's!

Martini Tower @the main square of the city
I love Groningen!, It is a lively, busy and positive university town. There is always something fun to do, or to see, or in this case to eat. Food is big in Groningen, and Saturday's are the best days to indulge local or exotic food from one of the many food trucks that are around the town. Since is the hottest September after many years, everyone here is taking advantage of the good weather and celebrating the warm days by spending as much time outside, as it is possible, eating, drinking and shopping.

Today i got couple of hours off from my housewife role and strolled around the town. People, bikes, music and food were everywhere! Loved it! Look at my photo book to get an idea of my day around Groningen's city center. What i really enjoyed was the smart and funny approach of the people from the food truck chefs. 

A weekend food festival with local and international tastes

"Milk is for babies -chocolate is the answer!"

You definitely want a burger or a hug from a Real Gentleman!

Indonesian vibe and spices were flooding the air!Yum!
Who is interested for a floating house btw?
And back to the main square - Vismarkt - where every Saturday you can find the best Fish and chips, fresh fish of course, fruits, cheese, nuts, bread and pastries.

Fresh crabs, one of the sea delicacies

And if you are in a hurry just grab a burger from the automatic machines that you will find around the city!

Close the day with some shopping at the main street (Herestraat)  that has interesting and trendy brands like this one, "Monki"

Who doesn't want donuts or faces from pugs on their socks?!
Another beautiful day in Groningen! 
Xo Xo 


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