Sunday, 19 February 2017

Get happier and healthier with music!

Music and emotions. Music is so vital for our mental wellbeing. Sad or happy, sick or well, old or young, listening to tunes will can only benefit us. Is the best work out for our brain and the balsam for our soul. I cannot even imagine my life without music. Since I was a kid it has been vital, like breathing. Music and dancing is a need. I will still put music on and with every opportunity I will dance alone or with my two boys. And they love it too, and makes me so happy. What a connection you can have this way? I will even try all the music apps are out there 😂 - probably embarrassing my older son-  with most recently the And I am so happy for all these young people that are expressing themselves through music and dance. What a healthy way to say to the world what you are feeling!

And all the above are supported from scientists and researches too!

Listening music at your workplace makes you more productive.

Happy and positive beats can improve your mood. They can dress a gloomy day with rainbows.

But even in you low moments music has an important role. It helps you to detox and take out all of your negative feelings. Its cathartic and a way to heal faster. It tames and calms us down. Or it motivates us to do better.

I see my sons how much they love music. And then I read the importance of it and of learning an instrument or participating to a choir. Activities that will stimulate their brains, it will improve their memory and their IQ, but also they will connect them with their feelings too.

I love music for another reason too. Music is a trip. It can takes us to places. Reminds us of people and emotions. Travel us around the world. You learn other cultures and you connect with people from everywhere. Is in it great to know that through an artist or a song you can have common things with thousands of people?

When life gets too much, let music flow in your life, let the rhythm carried you away be in that moment, hear the instruments, the lyrics, the emotions of the artist. You are never too old to enjoy music. Be one with music and then you will be ready to move on with your day. And don't forget to escape throughout  the day by singing in your head the song that puts a smile on your face.

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