Friday, 17 March 2017

Falling apart is the new strong

A good friend recently asked me "Nely, what do you do when you feel low, and how do you recover?" The answer from me was clear. I see my life as a rollercoaster and so does my mood. I have my exciting peaks, and I have my terrible lows. I allow my self to have grey days, days with  inward discussions and thoughts or with just silence. These days are as much valuable as the good days. I have learned, and I have grown so much through out these days. On these days behind my "dark glasses" I will try to see clearer and figure out my life, my goals, my future. I will re-evaluate, appreciate and recognize the people and the situations around me. These are the days that have managed to make me stronger every time.

The expat life can drive you often to these low days for many reasons. But I believe that we all have similar days, wherever we are and whatever we do. Each of us for different reasons. The important thing is to allow ourselves to have these days, but not to drown on them.  Falling apart is a signal that we have to stop, breath, listen to our soul and our body. Listen to our needs and do something about it. Low times its the times for action. For a change, small or big. Low days are acting like the bell that is ringing to wake you up for the next round. See them as an upgrade to your system. The process that is clearing all your bugs, clearing your cache and the cookies and the spams so to start again as a better version of you. It's fixing you up. Healing, nurturing and protecting you from the wrong invasions to your system. Shutting up and restarting.

Do not afraid the times you are falling apart. Embrace them and learn through them. These are the days that will push you out of your comfort zone. You will have to work it out, and find a solution or just stop thinking so complicated and choose the simple and sometimes the easiest road, which usually we don't appreciate. Also do not be afraid to talk about them with the people you love and trust. sometimes you might realize that you are not alone, other people feel the same way.

This is of course a personal opinion, experience and view - I am not a specialist- and it will be wise and appropriate to ask for help if you can't rebound and help yourself. But I strongly believe that if you see things through this scope you will realize that falling apart it is not an obstacle, but a vehicle that needs small repairs so to go to your next destination.

"Maybe things aren't really falling apart, they may actually be falling into place" ~ Unknown quotes

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