Sunday, 5 March 2017

Εscape the b*tch Karma. Just be nice! (Me, being fed up!)


Lately I am fed up with the social media and the world in general. So many people full of hostile, negative feelings, with luck of respect, manners and ethos. When rudeness became so popular and acceptable? Don't all these people know that their attitude will hit them back hard? That Karma is a b*tch and oh yeah will hit you on the head sooner or later?  BTW I need a karma button on  the FB ASAP 😂!- Why people choose to hide behind their little screen and throw up every bitter word they can found in their vocabulary? And now many of them have an excuse and even 'role models" like some people with power or fame that support, and encourages this virtual bullying. That means that these people have always been double-faced? Because I bet many of  them want dare to speak like that on face to face situations? Was there always so much underline hate and finally the social media offered and open mic for everyone to finally be themselves? So much hidden hypocrisy? Or is it cool nowadays to be "bad", nasty and full of insults? My motto is "if you haven't something nice to say, then don't say anything!" or as an ad was saying " sometimes its better to chew, than to talk! "

 I seriously feel that now its so much more difficult to be a nice, normal person. I know the" nice guy" is not interesting or popular as the "bad guy" that he will shake things, and say what he wants and go against the rules and blah, blah, blah...

Look angry people, there is already a huge cloud of negativity over us that we are all trying to see how to handle and clear up: Wars, hunger, stupid people in power, racial and religious discriminations,  homeless people, jobless people, serious illnesses, addictions, kids in trouble... You are not helping by using your big hurtful words. I know its easier to be angry and mean, especially if you are hiding behind your laptop, but we don't need your opinion. You don't have to comment in every single article or post just to take out your poisonous venom. This is not part of democracy and " I have the right to say my opinion". Its just being plain rude and playing smarty-pant! We do not need your comment, we don't care about you trashing people, ideas, and vandalizing our social media walls. You are surely better than this! And you will find out when you decide to change. You might even get rewarded from a splash of good fate. Do you dare to try?

And don't forget as Justin Timberlake has very wisely said "What goes around, goes around, goes around comes all the way back around!"

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