Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Positive people are rare, embrace them!

I am privileged to have some people in my life that by choice see the glass half full. No matter what life brings to them: health issues, money issues, personal matters, job issues, they manage to turn it to something positive and beneficial for them and for the others around them. These type of people are dreamers, are romantic by nature and they have a deep belief in others. They say I love you easily, a word that many people are scared even to think, and they mean it, because for them it means "I care for you", "I care for your wellbeing", "I want you to be happy", " I am here for you." What we don't understand is that these people are here and next to us so to protect us and our soul. To remind us that happiness sometimes is inside a very small box, that when you open it, it multiplies and spreads its wings like the butterfly when she is leaving her cocoon, and paints rainbows on the pavement and the walls and sheds warm light to our darkest corners, this powerful light that we all need so to survive. Positive and happy people are here to teach us to appreciate whatever we consider a given thing in our everyday life.

When you come across these rare kind of people don't be scared of them. There is nothing to be scared, they are clear as the water that comes from the mountains. The smile is real, their intentions are good. They don't have an agenda to trick you by believing in their goodness and then taking advantage of your trust and use it against you. These people with the big, clean smile - that is contagious -are a gift from God. Actually most of the time these people are very spiritual. They have a deep connection with the universe, the Angels, the God, the nature or in whatever else they consider as a source of positive energy and a form of guidance. They are inside this beautiful pink bubble, that touches the lives of others and covers them as a soft blanket. And that is exactly what these people are, a blanket. A safe place to go when you feel overwhelmed from the madness around you, from the negative news on the media, from the tough day at work or with your partner. They always have a way and the correct words to calm the rough sea and bring the little tired boat that carries your worries and fears in safer waters.
Positive and happy people are like a little candle that if you let it light your life it will turn it to a beautiful bonfire. Let them in!

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