Saturday, 22 April 2017

Greece's beauty motivates the Greeks

Greece is in an economic turmoil for a long time now. Is on the news everywhere in the world almost every month. Bubbles that burst and flooded the streets, the businesses and the homes with despair, financial uncertainty, unemployment and sadness. But Greeks are trying to take everything day by day, and right now the only motivation I see in their eyes is the country by itself. Greece is the gas that makes the motor run everyday. The beauty that this land was given is the driving force for Greeks to wake up and move on with their day. The hope of a bright, sunny day that will warm their skin and light the darkest spots of the cities. The blooming trees and flowers along the roads. The smell of lilac flower, and jasmine from the house fences. The barefoot feeling on the sandy beaches and the first touch of the Mediterranean sea after months of waiting. Greece is a feeling, it gets in to you even if you are not Greek, and it stays with you forever.

We try hard every year to be there for Easter because for Greece it is a very special time of the year. It is a mix of religion, a trip back to our childhood -since a lot of people are returning to celebrate at their parents homes - and also a celebration of the nature.

Greeks are opening their houses even more, they are doing big family and friends gatherings and taking advantage of any open space they have. With view to the sea, to a garden full of poppies and daisies or citrus trees, or just a balcony. Open doors, open hearts, a seat for everyone to join to the Easter table. Greeks will sing, hear music loud and drink a little bit more on that day, after weeks of fasting. Traditions that have deep roots and are part of us. These yearly "routines" that gives a push  to the Greeks to try harder and act as reminders that life is beautiful. Even if the festive table has only the basic things, is the people, the land, the feeling that makes things feel good.

It is a cliché but yes Greece is the sun, the sea, the food, the people. Greece and her many faces is the reason to try. From the idyllic beaches with spectacular sunsets to deep, scary and unexplored canyons and from unspoiled landscapes to urban realities. Greece is multi-faceted and therefore the people that live there have learn how to adjust to any situation. Greece might not be a financial paradise right now, the bureacracy might thrives and people might struggle for a smile, but without a doubt Greece is a place that is worth trying not only because of her heavy and important history, not only for her strategic position, but also for the way she feeds the soul, the mind and the needs through her beauty to whoever lives there or visiting her.

Kalispera (have a nice evening 😁)

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