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The Positive Thinking Trend: not cool for everyone!

Hello! Spring has arrived here in the Netherlands and things have started looking more colorful and more positive already, the temperatures though not there yet! So, this post it is not by me. I have the pleasure to have a dear blogger/writer friend, guest writing here on my blog. Lety Ponte is originally from France. but she has been traveling a lot for studies and later because of the work of her husband, so she is a serial expat mom like me! For now she lives here in the Netherlands and apart from a wonderful husband and daughter has a very beautiful site where she shares what she loves most "Life, Positive eating, Mindfulness and Spirit Guidance are ‘my things’" as she mentions at her site. Lety loves the earth. Forests and magical gardens are her hideaways, but she is also working a lot towards reaching and improving her higher self and has the gift to bring beautiful messages from high above to others. Many of this messages you can find them at her site or by simple asking her for guidance. Here she shares with us about the pressure of the "trend" of positive thinking and what are actually the real tools so to conquer  this! Enjoy and follow Lety here if you want some more light in to your life.

Lety Ponte

We hear so many people telling us to be positive. And I am probably one of those.

I did not use to be that way though. The first time I heard about positive thinking was in 2003 and I was already a young adult. I had no clue why people told me to be positive when I shared with them my worries, problems or complaints. In what thinking positively could ever help me? I was kind of annoyed by this advice. Even if I come from the country whose most iconic song is “La vie en rose”. I certainly did not feel that life was pink!
“Life is hard, unfair, a struggle” was more the kind of phrases I heard over and over again growing up.

I realized later that indeed there were laws in physics and spirituality that were demonstrating that positive thoughts were attracting positive outcomes and were the keys to manifest the life you wanted.

I gave it a try and it did work. I can’t say that it ever failed. What is challenging is applying it, having positive thoughts every single day is not an easy task.

With this great discovery, comes a few challenges and this is what I’d like you to know to release the pressure of being positive all the time:

  • You beat yourself up for having negative thoughts
Unless you are a monk living in the Himalayas, like everyone else, you have thousands of negative thoughts a day. Please know that this is normal. There is an almost constant flow of thoughts in your mind. It looks a bit like that: positive, negative, negative, negative, positive, negative, positive, positive, positive etc. What you can do is to choose the thought you want to pick. You can pick up the thought that tells you that this flower is simply beautiful or the thought that says that you’re too fat. You pick them up and hold on to them or you just leave them in the flow, floating away peacefully.

  • You are afraid of your negative thoughts
Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts and your fear of negative thinking will go away. Your thoughts can be a great tool to help you manifest your dreams but they are not who you truly are. Having a so called bad thought does not make you bad. Since your thought are not who you truly are, they are not a reflection of the truth, in other words, do not believe your thoughts! When thoughts are unkind towards you, accept them, let them move through you and vanish.

Once you know that, you can use those tools to stay in an energy of joy and high vibrations:

  • Gratitude
Feeling thankful for our existence and every little moment that makes us smile will instantly generate great feelings and thoughts.

  • Prayer
When you feel that you are struggling to let go of a ‘sticky’ negative thought, you can ask for help. Ask the Universe or your guardian angel to help you to let go of that thought. Doreen Virtue explains that Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel to call upon when you want to beautify your thoughts. Archangel Michael protects us from negative energy with his royal blue light and cut the cords of fear with his sword.

  • Visualization
Imagine that you put your concerns on a post-it. Stick it on a balloon and send it away to the heavens. You’ll immediately feel relieved. You can also imagine yourself under a shower of light that will wash away all the negative energy. Any visualisation will work because you are that powerful my friend!

  • Tapping/ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Google those words (I like the tapping solution) and get tons of free resources online. It is a simple technique that helps you release negative thoughts and worries in a few minutes by just tapping on certain points on your face, shoulder blades and hands while making affirmations and statements. It’s amazing!

  • Crystals
Several crystals are known to help you raise your vibration and protect you from negative energy. A well-known one is the rose quartz. If you feel drawn to a particular crystal in a shop, it is a sign that it’s meant to be with you. Clear it through prayers and charge it by placing it under the sun or moon light for a few minutes holding the intention of protection. Carry it in your pocket or in your purse and hold it in your hands when you feel that you could use some extra help.

There are plenty of other tools that can raise your vibrations such as listening to music, singing, dancing, painting, essential oils, happy memories etc.

The best way of all is PRESENCE. By being in the here and now, overthinking, concerns about the future or regrets stop and we realize that all is well. Meditation and the focus on our breath or sensation in our hands are great ways to come back to the present moment.

Let go of resistance, accept what is (which includes all the thoughts and emotions whether it is sadness, anger, joy or love), BE.

Sending you a cascade of pink light… Just because.



It is such an honour for me to have been invited to share an article on this wonderful and luminous blog. Thank you @ neofili.blogspot.nl!

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