Thursday, 23 June 2016

These apps are made for family fun

"Ohhh i am a princess", exploring Snapchat

Sometimes i love the technology so much... Actually most of the time i do, that is why i am here after all!

But when i discover something fun, and hilarious, and entertaining it is like finding a gem in the mad. Apps are my favorite thing, and its because you can have them on your phone, iPad, tablet and not all of them need WiFi.

I often download apps that i can share with my boys so we can have a laugh together. I have no choice, when you have millennium kids you need to catch up with them and their fluency with technology, you have to find common grounds and interests. They are born programmed!

Well summer is here, in many places the schools are out already, and the kids have plenty of time to kill, so here some ideas for hours of family fun and connection with your kids.

Here is the list with our favorite family friendly apps, with my older son approval stamp, that we use often, especially when we are up for a good laugh.

Great fun! I just started using it and it really brought my to tears from laughing. It is an app that lets you send pictures or videos to your friends and soon after are disappearing. For me the most entertaining part is the effects that it has. Try it.

Helium app
The old time crazy voice effect when you are inhaling helium from a balloon,  right on your device. the more serious you talk, the funnier it gets.

Face swap
Switch faces with your pet, with your kids, with your friends or even with an item. There are many different apps that you can test how much hilarious you look.

If you love to lip sync then that is your go to app. Short audios from songs, movies or just anybody that has recorded something funny, which you can perform in front of the camera. That is a hit in our family.


Heads up
The creator is the American actress/presenter Ellen DeGeneres. Its similar to a board game but in a digital version. You choose a category and then you hold your device over your head. You have to guess fast the word on the screen through the description of the other players and see how many you will guess correctly. At the same time all this effort is been captured on a video.  This a game that the presenter plays often at her show, challenging her famous guests.

Do you have a favorite app that kids and parents love? Please share it with me.

Have fun!

I started alone but soon

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