Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Playing peakaboo with the sun and other weather related thoughts!

The sun might be playing with us, but not the sunflower

I am a Mediterranean girl as you know, and weather related conversations were rarely happening back in Greece during summer months, at least in the past because the El nino effect has made its magic everywhere. For example Greece this past week was under a beautiful heatwave 40 and above Celsius, that send everyone to the islands and the nearest beaches. That is the Greek summer!

 In Belgium, UK, US and now here in the Netherlands its a different story. The meteorologist predictions are as important as reading your daily horoscope!

Especially when its end of June and the heating in the house is still on, and the jackets are still hanging next to the door and you still need your wellies. But at the same time you must were a short sleeve t-shirt, have your sunnies with you and were some suntan lotion just in case the sun decides to make a guest star appearance and you are not prepared for the sudden heat that will make you melt. No wonder why the doctors here recommend vitamin D for the whole family, you never know when the sun will come out to give it to you.   

In US it is not about the cold, but about the natural elements.  I was leaving in the East Coast, in Baltimore, and now its the storm season there, not my favorite....Thunders, and crazy sudden rain, floods, humidity and maybe a potential tornado or a hurricane - get your camera to report it! Oh gosh, when the emergency alert was coming on at my phone i could hide like a cat under the sofa and stay there for the day. I have seen the best thunders though. Good fun days!

You see we are connected with the weather. It affects us, our mood, our health and our psycho.

That is why rain or shine i buy a bunch of beautiful flowers, like the sunflowers above and i bring the sunshine in my house whenever i feel to.

And that is one of my survival secrets here in the North. What's yours?


  1. My survival secrets are listening to music and daydreaming

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