Friday, 24 June 2016

The only UK "bomb" i want to know

A grenade full of color and hope

What a day for Europe. What a "bomb" burst from the vote of the British people.  Waking up and reading the news you know that a new era has come. My friends from UK, and everyone with a British passport,  have split opinions about the Brexit that was announced earlier today. Fear, uncertainty, a lot of questions and a lot of "now what?", and others are happy and optimistic with the new development, since they believe its for the better.

If you ask me i am somewhere in between. Greece was at the same dilemma almost a year ago and chose to say "No" to the exit. Was it the right decision? Have things improved since then? Do people live a better life? Unfortunately the answer is a big NO also. Of course i am "outside from the dance" as we say in Greece since i am here in The Netherlands, but still i can see friends and family struggling everyday just for the basic things. But things in Greece are much different from UK.

I remember when i was living in Oxford and already Greece's problems had started, a lot of British were very passionate with the idea that Greece has to leave the EU and get her currency back so to grow and survive. They were happy that at least they kept their own currency. So the seeds for independence were already there.

We will all be watching and hoping that the demolish of this one column of the EU building will not take with it the rest of it. Or maybe it should?

At this point i prefer to talk about this "bomb" made in UK, and more specific in Scotland, that is full of hope and color and seeds that will grow and make beautiful flowers that will attract butterflies.

i discover it today and is called Butterflybom It is a paper grenade full with seeds. You soak it with water and you through it at your garden and "boom!" Amazing flowers will grow and attract beautiful butterflies.

And as the British would say "Stay calm and see the flowers growing!"

*The product is not and advertisement, just a finding!

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