Sunday, 26 June 2016

Never on a Sunday!

A typical Sunday in Greece -This one is taken at Chios island
 I always had mix feelings about Sunday's. It is consider a family day, and the day of rest but still it is a day that confuses me.

Don't get my wrong i know it is the day you can sleep more and don't have to rush,  but since sleeping in is not an option for me that i have a 1 1/2 year old kid, it means that my day starts very early, and therefore i have to start being creative since 7.00 in the morning!

In most European cities, that are not touristic, have universities or are close to the sea everything is closed. You hardly see people outside until late afternoon that will come out for a late lunch. I don't think i like this quietness around me if i haven't chose it. It's something that i am missing from my staying in the US where all the stores are open on a Sunday too. I like to know that there is a buzz somewhere and i can join if i want too!

On the other hand even  if i was in Greece right now going to the beach, where everything happens, it would be my least favorite thing to do. It is crowded and it is more of a hassle than a fun day under the sun. fighting for the last lounge chair by the sea,  or for a table to a tavern / restaurant. And here in the North where pools are popular, again most of the time are so full of people that is hard to see the water!

So what do you do??? How do you turn your Sunday from "sad-day" to "fun-day"?

You either being lazy until you reach boredom, but you feel good about it, because it might be what you need the most or... it is the best time to organize the house, your wardrobe, kids rooms, the piles of paper at your home desk, your email's. It is time to get everything out, be overwhelmed from the chaos you created, get to work, and then feel a relief that you finally put your life back in order.
Another option is to make a plan and cook for the rest of the week, something handy if you are working. Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine or healthy juice/smoothie and get cooking/baking!

As for the families with kids a ride with the bicycle, table games, doing something creative with them,  going for a walk to the park, getting soaking wet with the hose on a warm day or baking cookies with them is the easiest way to keep them happy and far from being whining and bored.

On your rides and go, go, go - Gazing the marina in down town Baltimore

And you can always have a marathon watching your favorite sitcom, or the movies that you want to watch during the week but you are too tired to keep your eyes open.

How do you feel about Sunday's? How do you usually spend the day? Share your ideas!


  1. I would love to organize the house that day but little Line does not let me... The option of outdoors or indoors activity I like! Thank you!